A Look Back: August 4, 2017

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100 years ago

Aug. 2, 1917


Demonstration meetings

County Agent Helmreich has arranged for a series of canning demonstrations in various sections of the county. He will be assisted by Miss Stager, an expert in that line of work, and it will be well worth while for every housewife in the county to attend one of these meetings.


Goshen County men join National Guard

The young men who have enlisted for service from this county are to be found in every branch. Some are in the Navy, Alfred Rogers and Harvey Holdeman being among those in that department. In the engineers may be found Paul Johnson. Frank Laird is the leader of a regimental band and of the two sons of Oscar Eyler, one is in the Navy and the other in the cavalry. Quite a number from the county are members of Company I of the Wyoming National Guard, with present headquarters at Wheatland. We are unable to give the complete list from this county in that company at this time but expect to be able to furnish our readers the complete list in our next issue.


Eaton Building making progress

The past few days, the work on the new Eaton Building has been progressing very rapidly. The basement has been practically completed and the bricklayers have reached the second floor level. The carpenters are busy with their part of the work.


75 years ago

Aug. 5, 1942


Stamp Dance attracts county-wide attention

All Goshen County is planning to attend the Stamp Dance, to be held at the Torrington Armory on Saturday, Aug. 8. Sponsored jointly by the American Legion and the County War Savings Staff, the ball is being planned to stimulate the sales of War Bonds and Stamps in this community.

The orchestra for the dance will be under the direction of the Carroll twins, Leon and Linus, and there will be a number of special attractions presented at intermission times. These will include a variety number by six young girls, vocal solos and trios and instrumental numbers. A feature of the program will be the introduction of several dance compositions by local composers. And for those who don’t dance, there will be bingo games going on throughout the evening.


Goshen County leads Wyoming

Many Goshen County families have taken advantage of the Farm Security Administration special Food For Victory loans this year, which enables them to produce more of the food necessary to the war effort. In keeping with specific Department of Agriculture goals for food production, the loans stress the planting of family vegetable and fruit gardens and the raising of poultry flocks, dairy cows and meat animals.

According to Alva W. Hamilton, County FSA Supervisor, 84 families in the county have purchased 137 milk cows with should produce 20,550 pounds of butterfat and 33,000 pounds of beef. Ninety-eight sows with production estimated at 64,000 pounds of pork, 16,000 baby chick were purchased and 753 pullets and hens. It is believed this will increase egg production by 23,139 dozen and meat production by 11,410 pounds. Pure-bred calves and sheep were also purchased for some of these families with children that wished to join 4-H clubs.

The last report from the regiona offices in Denver indicats that Goshen County has more Farm Security, Food For Victory famlies than any county in Wyoming.


50 years ago

Aug. 3, 1967


Council declares war on mosquitos

Torrington area flies, mosquitos, gnats and other obnoxious pests had better enjoy life while they can.

City lawmakers took action Tuesday night to declare war on the undesirables when they decided an aerial chemical treatment was necessary. Only a few technicalities are holding up the project, which the council hopes to start by Aug. 20.

Yet to be determined are whether to dust or spray, costs, most effective mixture and clearance from the Federal Aviation Agency to permit a low-flying aircraft to enter the area.


Red meat production up in state

Commercial red meat production in Wyoming during June 1967 totaled 1.98 million pounds, according to the Wyoming and United States agriculture departments. This is an 8 percent increase from the June 1966 total of 1.83 million pounds and is 5 percent greater than the May 1967 total. Beef and veal production of 1.56 million pounds increased 101,000 pounds from the previous month and is 138,000 pounds greater than a year earlier. Pork production totaled 408,000 pounds, 1 percent less than the May 1967 level but slightly more than the same month a year ago. Total lamb and mutton production during June 1967 was 12,000 pounds, an increase of 1,000 pounds from the previous month and 6,000 pounds greater than the same time last year.


25 years ago

Aug. 5, 1992


Chamber facing collapse

Goshen County is in danger of losing its cheerleading headquarters.

In an emergency membership meeting Tuesday night, the executive board shocked the membership with news that it couldn’t operate through the end of the year.

“We don't have enough money to have Lorraine (Brummell, executive director) and Rose (Kilgore, secretary) go to work tomorrow and meet the 15th’s payroll,” said President-elect Greg Jones.

Without additional funding, the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce could close its doors permanently. After receiving the harsh news, members voted to authorize the executive board to request a 50 percent assessment on 1992 membership dues to keep the chamber open for the remainder of the year.

The additional revenue would generate approximately $11,000.


Surveys represent area needs

The State Legislature is not adequately addressing the issues affecting the constituents of House District 3, according to Bill Stafford.

“I have been using surveys that contain questions people can answer and return to me,” Stafford said. “These surveys could become effective tools to representing the district constituents.”

The surveys are available to people in District 3. Stafford, a Republican, is running for the House seat. He is a rancher and lifetime resident of Platte County.

He hopes to learn more than just what issues people consider important. He also wants to e able to gain knowledge from experts I various fields, including education, he said.

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