EWC Ag hosts FFA Range Contest

TORRINGTON – The Eastern Wyoming College Agriculture Department hosted the FFA Range Contest in the new CTEC building on Oct. 2.

High school students spent many hours preparing and studying 84 native and introduced range plant species in preparation for identifying these plants at the contest. First year competitors were asked to identify 50 plants by using the common name. Second year competitors were asked to identify 25 plants by using the common and scientific names of each plant, as well as life span and origin. Students also completed a habitat management question which looked at restoring a riparian area, along with a grazing management question where students calculated stocking rates and made recommendations for producers. 

The top three placing first-year competitors, from first to third, were: Reata Hindman, Wind River FFA, Hadlee Becker, Wind River FFA, and Trynity Martinez, Wind River FFA. All three contestants received a pair of EWC gloves.

The top three placing second-year competitors, from first to third were: Jared Clapper, Southeast FFA, Anthony Ramirez, Southeast FFA, and Brady Tosh, Southeast FFA. All three contestants received a EWC ball cap. Jared Clapper also receives a one year tuition scholarship to Eastern Wyoming College. The second-place overall team went to Wind River FFA and the first-place overall team went to Southeast FFA.

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