Reservoir drawdown beginning

MILLS – The Bureau of Reclamation began lowering water levels in Guernsey and Glendo Reservoirs early this week, marking the end of the
irrigation season.
Reclamation began drawing down Guernsey Reservoir Sept. 11. The boat ramps will slowly become unusable. The bureau advises owners to remove watercraft by the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 13.
Guernsey Reservoir releases are expected to gradually decrease, beginning Sept. 11, with the end of major irrigation demands. The decreased releases will be made through Sept. 30 when they will be discontinued for the winter.
Glendo Reservoir levels are expected to continue gradually declining and reach a water surface elevation near 4,581 feet (approximately 87,000 acre-feet) around Sept. 18.  Glendo Reservoir levels will then stabilize and slowly increase throughout the winter.
Boaters, recreational users and irrigators should take proper precautions regarding changing river flows between Glendo and Guernsey Reservoirs and the reduction in Guernsey Reservoir.

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